Store Planning & Design

Our Store Planners take the lead early on because grocery store design revolves around issues of operations, equipment, merchandising and other critical details that another design professional may not have the expertise to provide. The Store Planner works very closely with your team to develop the best layout for the project. The design process starts with design concepts then graduates to the more detailed Preliminary Fixture Plan and lastly the Final Fixture Plan.

fixture plan.jpg

fixture plan

The Fixture Plan is much more than fixtures. The Fixture Plan takes into account just about anything related to store merchandising and operations, customer navigation and experience as well as architectural elements such as restrooms, offices, stairways and windows.

the process

From the time you hire our team, we collaborate with you and walk you through the Store Planning process so we know your every design goal and you know exactly why we are suggesting what we are. Check out our infographic on store planning to get a visual of the design process.


the art of pplanning.jpg

art + science

A lot of people don't know just how complicated Store Planning & Design is! Our team has to understand your needs, the market trends and all your store data so they can layout the best fixture plan to accomadate your sales potential and account for growth. Plus operate as efficiently as possible - not just anyone can do that!