We chose PJ as our store designer and Nicole as our interior designer for our store makeover. It has been so amazing to work with this team and they have been so understanding and engaging with all the stakeholders of this project. PJ is so thoughtful of his work and his perfectionism is what makes him stand out. Nicole is such a good listener and she has the ability to bring the staff’s vision to life. It has been so amazing to have had a chance to work with this duo and I would highly recommend them to anyone going through a major or a minor remodel.
— Prasanna Regmi, General Manager at Davis Food Co-op, Davis CA

what makes us different?

Over the years we've invested time to hone our skills and develop expertise of the design disciplines in order to craft a unique process unmatched anywhere in the grocery industry. 

Our team understands and values each of the design disciplines used, so every aspect of your project is meticulously planned, organized and unified..

We work with our clients to utilize the store's resources to optimize the operational efficiencies. 

Each step of the project is designed to provide value through collaboration, innovation and sustainable designs that will excite everyone from the customer to the employee.



By working together creatively from the start of a project, our team collaborates with you to combine their knowledge to devise integrated, sustainable design solutions that empower you to take your store operations to a whole new level.

We are also a worker owned cooperative so we practice the collaboration we teach.


We've spent our careers exploring projects that both worked and didn't work so we could identify and create the best possible process. With our unique approach our clients have cutting edge design they understand and can afford.

sustainable design

We look at sustainable design on a few levels. First, can you maintain the efficiencies we've helped establish? It won't work when someone does a project for you instead of with you.

Second, we believe sustainable is the standard. We've spent years learning how to provide sustainable design for grocery stores without it costing more than you have. We have LEED associates on our team that stay up to date with the most current and most powerful sustainabile practices.