Leadership & Training

We know that it takes more than a beautiful store and engaging website to make a successful store. Your staff need to operate it well and you need to work well with your staff.

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We’ve taken a wide variety of approaches and tools, including Servant Leadership, MBTI Personality Type (Myers Briggs), Policy Governance, and Simon Sinek’s work, and crafted a leadership program that is meant to be effective, collaborative and easy to apply in many settings.


Working with you, we walk you through processes to work smarter and more efficiently to achieve better results and productivity. We believe that every team is unique but also has some of the same complexities as any other team. Our goal is to enhance your social relations, clearly define roles and responsibilities and have fun!

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project stewardship

We know just how hard it is to run a successful project - no matter the size! So, let us be accountable for the well-being of your project while creating the systems you need to be sustainable. Whether it’s communication or how to read a fixture plan, we’ve got you covered!