seven roots has something to say


When we were exploring our target market, we found that a lot of people want information just as much as they want design services. And that makes sense - people want to be taught, not told. But when we looked around for similar blogs, we found that not many firms are taking the time to teach people about their methods, standards and processes. So, we knew we had to take action! We had to teach people what they wanted to learn.

(One awesome blog is done by Moss in Chicago, check them out here!)

So here is what you can expect from our blog;

  1. Real information

  2. Your questions answered

  3. Maybe a little controversy

  4. Strategies by experts

  5. A focus on retailers

  6. Guest bloggers & interviews

We want our clients to come to us with any question so we can either answer it or direct them to someone who can - so ask away! Make suggestions! What do you want to learn about?

Look for our next blog; Labor, Waste & Taste, written by the amazing Kevin O’Donnell