Labor, Waste & Taste

by Kevin O’Donnell

In prepared foods the ultimate goal is to have great tasting food that your customers buy. It takes a well-trained and passionate culinary team to implement the plan and control the waste. Here are some simple steps to assess your team's output. Ask yourself these simple questions as it relates to your prepared foods department.

Here are some simple tools to help make your team more productive. 

Do we use Standardized Recipes 

Having quality tested recipes provides consistency and good tasting products.

Do we use Daily Production Sheets?

Monitor output and eliminate time-wasting practices. Don’t have a production sheet? You need one! Get one to reference here.

Are we tracking our shrink in a Shrink Log?

Document what is selling and what is not, revise your menu when necessary. Focus on strengths and experiment with new recipes and flavors. Test and standardize new recipes and add them to the production schedule.

These tools can help to make your prepared foods department a contributor to a healthy bottom line.  Focus labor, reduce waste and increase taste!