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nicole klimek

Nicole has been obsessed about local economic sustainability for as long as she can remember! When it came time to decide on a career, she decided to focus on food co-ops and independent natural food stores. She has worked on over 250 projects all over North America and is the only person in the industry that combines Store Planning & Design, Interior Design, Marketing and Branding to create unique shopping experiences and efficient operations.

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maria rehlander

Maria has been working in the architectural industry since 2000. She has the knowledge and experience to successfully execute and manage creative design solutions for complex buildings from conception through completion.  As an avid environmentalist and food junkie, her passion is to help natural grocery stores and food co-ops flourish across the country.

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pj hoffman

P.J. Hoffman has 46 years of experience in the grocery industry, starting at age seventeen stocking shelves at a local supermarket.  In 1988, after fifteen years in both conventional and natural foods retailing, P.J. founded the wholesaler-based retail services program that eventually became UNFI Store Development Services, providing design and equipment procurement services nationally.  Also long active in food co-ops, he recently finished a five year stint as a Business Development Director with National Co-op Grocers. P.J as been a designer in over 450 projects and has a strong background in store operations and merchandising.

Riley cleary

Riley is one of those people who speak code. By the time he was in high school he was teaching himself how to code games and develop websites. In college he focused on web development and IT. Now he runs our Web Development team and improves upon our client's web presence daily.