Prepared foods is one of the fastest and largest growing programs in natural foods. And we see proof of that every day! As stores grow, their goals for their prepared foods programs get loftier and more elaborate. We take those goals and turn them into realities with a well established process that will have a positive impact on sales and the bottom line.


In just two years under Kevin’s leadership, we have a prepared foods department that staff and members are proud of
— Kari Bradley, General Manager, Hunger Mountain Co-op, Montpelier, VT


There is no substitution for talent! If you can attract and retain professionals who have expertise in prepared foods, it’s a win-win for them and for you. We can help assess not just the talent you are preparing to onboard but your program so you can identify the needs before they become urgent.


Taste is everything! If your food doesn’t taste good, customers won’t come back for more. Teaching staff how to use fresh, raw ingredients in their products is a must in the competitive landscape of foodservice. We can help write menus, test and price recipies, source and even present amazing food your customers want to eat.


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training & support

Prepared foods, like any other department or business, function on systems designed around sales, margins, labor and expenses. We work with stores to provide ongoing training and support so their operations stay sharp, crisp and well maintained. That way your staff can focus on cooking delectable dishes!