Many stores don't fully appreciate the degree to which their brand impacts their customer's experience, and those that do oftentimes don't have the resources to create the standards and voice that is necessary for an effective and truly outstanding brand. Our team will work with you to make sure your voice is heard and your identity is known. 



The heart of your brand is your identity. It's how you present yourself to not only your shoppers but the rest of the community. Do you know who you are? Do you think your shoppers and staff see you the same way?

re-brand or brand re-fresh

A brand needs to re-done or re-freshed every so often, typically every 8-10 years. Think of how fast things can change overnight - stores close, economy changes, trends, technology and so much more. Your brand needs to remain relevant during the constant change or you may end up on the yesterday list. Our branding team will work with you to assess and strengthen your brand, create standards that all your staff can follow and help you implement the changes. We won't just hand you a brand guide and show you the door - we want you to understand how to use the standards we've so meticulously crafted together.



brand ambassador training

Your staff are your greatest asset. Yet we see so many stores who don't work with their internal talent to strengthen and enrich their brand. We want to help you structure a realistic training program that teaches your current staff and trains future staff how to be smashing brand ambassadors in and out of the store. We promise this will improve your brand awareness and if you're consistent, increase your sales.